Personalized wine subscriptions

powered by a community of wine insiders
(and a bit of AI)

Magia reinvents the wine club with a subscription powered by industry insiders, 50,000 wines from the country's best retailers, and advanced AI to find the best stuff. We are currently in closed beta and will be opening up more spots soon.

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What you get with Magia

Unmatchable Value

Whatever your budget, Magia discovers the highest quality wines in the market.


Real wines from family wineries, rated by pros, and biased to sustainable sources.


The easiest way for you to get new wines that previously only insiders knew about.

How it works

Choose your team

We all want the latest, greatest wines but we don't have the time to research and track them all down. Luckily, some people do!

Select the community's themes that sound good — the classics or the weirdo stuff that the wine nerds love — and Magia will use that as a guide to search for you.

Discover the best wines

Magia determines the best wines from across the country based on the themes you select, analysis of the wines, professional ratings, pricing, taxes, shipping costs, promos and more.

Magia finds $10 wines that drink like $25 wines, and $50 wines that drink like $100 wines.

Delivered monthly

When the time, wines and pricing are right, Magia confirms its selection with you and secures the wines from the retailer to be shipped directly to you. But you have to move fast because the best wines always go fast.

Every shipment is unique, depending on your preferences and the wines available in the market.

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