A new way to sell wine

Imagine choosing a restaurant required looking at every dish from every single place in town. This is basically what the industry forces shoppers do by looking at page after page after page of wines online.

But in the real world, we just say "I like Thai" and then let an app to do all the work of finding the best place within our budget, with a reservation available. Let's do the same thing for wine.

There's a theme for that

If someone likes brisk, aromatic whites from Europe, they should just be able to say that once and be done. Big Zins? Whole cluster reds? Organic Orvieto orange wines? There's a theme for that. We can reduce 99.9% of what a shopper needs to look at by creating great themes for all skill levels, and then use technology to find the wines that deliver the highest quality and value for the themes shoppers select.

Themes are easily created by anyone with a point of view. When a Magia user selects one of your themes, you are influencing what they buy and drink - all without any ongoing effort on your part.

How Magia can extend your reach

Wine retailers

Retailers use Magia to generate recurring revenue with no new operational processes to learn. You already have inventory, order processing and fulfillment - the only thing you need is an innovative club model to use all that.

You can start by adding your product catalog to Magia and your store instantly becomes a source for Magia subscribers. If you want to take the next step, we provide a brandable service integrated into your website where you control the entire user experience.

More about retail

Wine writers

When your readers are buying wine, they probably don't remember the post you wrote last month about that little Mr. Etna winery.

However, with Magia you can easily repurpose existing content into themes that directly determine what wines your readers are buying. When a reader's shipment shows up with a wine selected from your theme, you've created a high level of engagement that deepens your relationship and grows your readership as they share your themes with other users.

Become an influencer


By creating themes for the types of wine you're drinking now, you can build your personal brand and keep guests engaged with the restaurant even when they're not there. Imagine a guest trying and loving a wine delivered from one of your themes - and the enthusiasm they'll have for coming back to the restaurant to share that experience with you.

Become an influencer

Wineries and importers

Wineries, winery groups and importers now have direct influence on sell-through for the first time ever. With not much more work than an Instagram post, you can publish a theme for the brands you represent and even tell their story. Once selected by a user, the theme can automatically find and deliver its wines wherever they are in the market.

Become an influencer

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